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4 excellent ways to yield more savings when starting a family

Open up a saving’s account for your child and try to consistently add more funds, and enjoy acquiring more savings from interest. Fees and low 0.01% APYs make child’s savings accounts from banks the least desirable option. Look into online banks such as Ally bank and Capital One 360 as they tend to offer the highest annual percentage yields and cost the least. Look for savings accounts offering around 0.70 to 0.90 APY and up that don’t require a monthly maintenance fee, which could throw off your budget.  A noticeable and reliable increase in funds will come in handy for those who need a little more help providing for the needs of their children when they are young while also trying to secure more funds for long-term use to ensure a brighter future for your child when they prepare for college.

Look for sales and consider choosing the select items on sale over other items that aren’t on sale, yet always seem to attract your interest. Stores regularly use sales to increase their revenue, so there is less of a need to needlessly spend more. Also, do the math and compare prices of various store brands by calculating the savings you can get from the percentages off of the items you want before making purchases to maintain smarter spending habits.

Save on purchases with the use of paper coupons and coupon codes to use in stores online and offline. Groupon offers coupon codes members can use on store purchases, and using them at times when stores are having sales only increases the amount of savings for buyers. Use Groupon coupons to save on items for kids and babies to meet all of your childcare requirements without breaking your budget.

Look for ways to shop where you can receive cash back for shopping as through Ebates. Ebates allows users to shop at their favorite online stores through their site and gives them cash back whenever they make a purchase. After using their service consistently, the money will add up over time providing you with cash you can use whenever you need it. Even savings and cash back on items that aren’t for your children can be beneficial when trying to maintain financial security.