5 Reasons to Have Live Chat on Your Website

While it is still essential to have a telephone line, other means of reaching your business are now also vital as part of your customer success strategy. Forms, emails, and live chat are the most commonly seen on e-commerce sites. Here are five good reasons to include it in your customer service strategy.

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1. Instant Access

The instant nature of service and sales means that to keep up with the curve businesses are having to be increasingly available. Having a pop-up that enables people to instantly send a message feels a lot more pro-active than an automated reply that someone will get back to you soon. You can set up the chat to deliver an automated message during office hours so you’re not leaving people hanging around for a response.

2. Staying Competitive

Think about your closest competitor. Are they another professional web development company in London? If they’re not already offering live chat as a means of getting in touch, they probably have, at the very least, considered it. By the time they’ve launched it, you will be enjoying the benefits of being a pioneer of customer service. All the big names are doing it, even the BBC iPlayer.

3. Identify Pain Points

It can take a long time to build FAQs. The nature of live chat enables customers to relay their issues in the moment, building your business a readily available arsenal of tested solutions that have emerged as customers are using your product or service.

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4. Saves Time and Money

While there will always be problems and questions best reserved for telephone conversation, live chat can save time and money in terms of the smaller issues that can be resolved quickly. If you’re finding a lot of your phone calls follow a ‘pillar to post’ format, live chat might save you valuable time, so it’s worth discussing options with your developer such as https://www.redsnapper.net.

5. Drive Sales

If there’s one thing that should tip the scales for you, it’s that live chat leads convert. One query could easily lead to a request for more information. They’re more likely to stay and engage with your website if they can get an answer there and then, rather than leaving your website and potentially finding an answer with a competitor.

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